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Let's make your image reflect and underscore who you are on the inside. A great business image makes everything easier.

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Image for Your Career

As humans we are taking in visual information all the time. We assess threats, we assess the weather, we enjoy beauty around us. And we also take in information about the people around us and we make decisions about them based upon that visual information.

People that you meet in your professional role are making decisions about you based upon your appearance. This applies to first meetings such as job interviews, meeting new clients or prospective clients.

It also applies to on going working relationships with both colleagues and long term clients. We can have an image that underscores our positive work traits, that makes us look personable, organised, reliable and intelligent, or our image can undermine our positive traits, making us look disorganised, chaotic, behind the times or boring, even though we aren’t.

And unfortunately if our image sends the wrong message many people will take that message at face value and not spend enough time getting to know us to discover that that first impression was wrong.

It is a busy world. The average person in Australia sees 7000 marketing messages a day. We get very good at quickly assessing them and filtering out the ones that look less appealing. You do not want to fall into this category.

A well planned and executed business image strategy underscores your brand message. Trustworthy, reliable, intelligent, interesting what ever you want to emphasise to your colleagues or prospective clients. It can also make you more memorable, helping you to stand out in every day marketing messages.

Having a well executed image also makes us perform better because we feel more confident.

Your plan for your image should cover your appearance, your knowledge of business etiquette and your presentation skills.

To discuss using image in your career, get in touch. We will discuss what you want to achieve and come up with a plan to do it!

  • Person of Public Prominence

  • For those in the spotlight. Make Your appearance and manners impeccably reinforce your message and values

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    Feedback From My Happy Clients

    "I now have more confidence and knowledge"

    Katie did an amazing job helping me find my colours. Our shopping expedition was so much fun and opened my eyes to colours and patterns I would not have though suited me. She was so professional but also so supportive in our quest to find the pieces I needed for my wardrobe. I am extremely grateful for connecting with Katie.

    Liza Goodall, 

    CEO Orange Trunk Consulting

    "Katie was excellent - professional and knowledgable"

    I came to Katie to get my colours confirmed and have a professional wardrobe edit and review. I spend a lot of time with clients in casual business wear and I love to incorporate colourful, dramatic and stylish elements, so it was really important to me to know with certainty what colours suit me. I know for sure now that I am a cool winter and I use these colours in my wardrobe and business branding. Katie was excellent, professional and knowledgable.''

    Jane Clark,

    Financial Planner.

    "Katie took the time to really get to know me"

    Katie took the time to really get to know me, the overall experience was super positive & I came away understanding more of what works for me in colour & style. Katie’s real & empathetic approach (we are all a little self conscious) assisted me feel more comfortable in my own skin! Thank you ! 

    Sharon Harvey,

    Small Business Consultant

    Katie: About Me

  • I have had an interesting work life, and really enjoyed it. I have run online businesses for 20 odd years, selling everything from cook books to Art! I worked in Internet

    Marketing as a content expert for many of those years, and I love both writing and Marketing. I have always loved fashion and clothes, without being initially very fashionable! So about 10 years ago I started studying everything I could find on how stylish looks were achieved. 7 yrs ago I trained formally as a stylist, colour analyst and image consultant. Since then I have discovered I absolutely love the visual storytelling that is part image consulting.