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Let's make your image reflect and underscore who you are on the inside. A great business image makes everything easier.

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Image for Your Career

If you are in a public position, with a lot of media and public attention focused upon you and your performance, it is hard to overstate the importance of a good public image. A good image underscores all your personal skills and talents. It amplifies other people’s perceptions of those skills and smoothes your path.

An image that sends messages that undermine your business skills makes everything harder. It is like pushing uphill with the wind against you. You have to prove that you are not what your image says you are and you have to get people to look past your image, rather than using your image to cue them on what to expect from you. I can’t overstate this.

The right clothes, grooming and etiquette make your life so much easier, and it is a skill set that can be learnt. I recommend that people in the public eye make sure that they are up on modern etiquette, dress codes, good grooming and personal professional style as a bare minimum. Image can also be used to make a person more memorable, more likeable and to create a memorable and compelling story around an individual.

This extended image work is recommended for politicians of all persuasions. It will allow independents to be more memorable at the polls and help party politicians to be seen as everything good that their party stands for, and more. A worthy and memorable person in their own right.

To get started, I recommend an initial consultation where we will discuss your current image needs and goals and I will formulate a report that you can then take away and action. I am also happy to work further with you to help you implement the suggestions in the report.

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  • For those in the spotlight. Make Your appearance and manners impeccably reinforce your message and values

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    Feedback From My Happy Clients

    "I now have more confidence and knowledge"

    Learning from Katie has been amazing! I now have more confidence and knowledge to be able to dress the way I want and look great! I feel comfortable experimenting with clothes and styles because I know more about which colours are for me and which ones aren't!

    Amanda R, Phamacy.

    "Katie was excellent - professional and knowledgable"

    I came to Katie to get my colours confirmed and have a professional wardrobe edit and review. I spend a lot of time with clients in casual business wear and I love to incorporate colourful, dramatic and stylish elements, so it was really important to me to know with certainty what colours suit me. I know for sure now that I am a cool winter and I use these colours in my wardrobe and business branding. Katie was excellent, professional and knowledgable.''

    Jane Clark, Financial Planner.

    "Katie took the time to really get to know me"

    Katie took the time to really get to know me, the overall experience was super positive & I came away understanding more of what works for me in colour & style. Katie’s real & empathetic approach (we are all a little self conscious) assisted me feel more comfortable in my own skin! Thank you ! 

    Sharon Harvey, Small Business Consultant

    Katie: About Me

  • I have had an interesting work life, and really enjoyed it. I have run online businesses for 20 odd years, selling everything from cook books to Art! I worked in Internet

    Marketing as a content expert for many of those years, and I love both writing and Marketing. I have always loved fashion and clothes, without being initially very fashionable! So about 10 years ago I started studying everything I could find on how stylish looks were achieved. 7 yrs ago I trained formally as a stylist, colour analyst and image consultant. Since then I have discovered I absolutely love the visual storytelling that is part image consulting.